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Saint-Cloud, 1 ter boulevard de la République, 92210 Saint-Cloud
Sale information

In accordance with government guidelines:
- The presentation of the photos on the website is valid prior exposure.
- Payment is only made remotely by bank transfer or credit card on our website.
- The delivery of the lots is done by dispatch (on estimate) or by withdrawal at the end of the confinement by appointment

Auctions in the hall are possible only on prior registration and within the limits of the places defined by the sanitary rules.
Do not take risks for your health and that of your loved ones: prefer online auctions on Drouot Digital, by phone or by order to purchase.

Information at // 01 46 02 20 15
Sales conditions


In addition to the auction, buyers will pay the following fees and taxes: . 25% (20.83% fee, 4.17% VAT on fees) or 14.4% (12% fee, 2.4% VAT on fees) for lots marked with an asterisk (*).

Payment is made in cash for the entire price, including fees and taxes. The successful buyer may pay by the following means:
- Cash up to €1,000 including fees and taxes (€15,000 when the debtor proves that he does not have his tax domicile in France and that he does not act for the purposes of a professional activity) ;
- French credit card VISA or MASTERCARD. Online payment by remote payment is possible on our website;. 
- Bank transfer.
Payment by cheque is not accepted.

Every successful buyer must justify his name and address for the offical report by presenting a valid identity document.

Lots will only be delivered to the buyer after full payment of the price, fees and taxes. The lots awarded will remain at the risk, costs of the successful buyers, as soon as the date of attribution to the buyer, when delivery has not yet taken place.

For sales at the Hôtel des Ventes de Saint-Cloud: lots must be collected on site on the evening of the sale or within 14 calendar days following the sale (opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 9:30 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm - Saturday from 10 am to 12 pm). Beyond that, a storage fee will be charged.
Small objects can be transported at your request to the Paris office - 30 avenue Théophile Gautier, Paris 16. Transfers to our Parisian office are made every Wednesday for requests received by email before 9am. The objects are therefore available from Thursday 2 pm. In all cases, the objects are under your full responsibility and we do not accept any responsibility in case of loss or damage during transport or storage on our offices.
For sales in Drouot: lots can be collected on site on the day of the sale until 7 pm (entry via Rossini street after 6 pm). Then please contact the office to find out where your lots are located: at the Drouot (paid service) or Hôtel des Ventes de Saint-Cloud store.

Shipping at your expense is possible. Please make your request for quotation by email. We charge packaging and shipping costs in addition to the postage cost in order to provide you a quality packaging. We do not accept any liability in the event of damage during transport. Shipments are made every Wednesday for fully paid lots (bill and postage) before 9 am.

In accordance with the law, the information entered in the catalogue, taking into account the rectifications announced during the sale and recorded in the official report of the sale, is the responsibility of the S.V.V. Guillaume Le Floc'h as well as that of any experts who have described the lot. The limitation period for civil liability actions brought in connection with voluntary sales shall be five years from the date of the purchase. The items are sold as is. As the pre-sale exhibition enabled the buyers to examine the items presented, no claim will be allowed once the sale is concluded. Dimensions and weights are given for information only, as well as indications of a restoration or defect. Lack of indication of restoration or defect does not guarantee that the good does not. Conversely, the mention of some defects does not imply the absence of any other defect. The reproductions in the catalogue are as faithful as possible to reality but have no contractual value, the proportion of the objects may not be respected and a difference in colour or tone is possible. Civil liability actions brought at public auctions shall be barred after five years from the date of the auction.

From the moment of sale, the object is under the responsibility of the buyer. The buyer must have his own purchases insured. Guillaume Le Floc'h S.V.V. declines all responsibility for damages that the acquired object could incur, and this from the purchase made.

Late penalties may be applied in the event that amounts owing are settled more than 14 calendar days after the sale, without the need for a reminder. The rate applied will be 5%.

Failing payment by the buyer, after formal notice remained unsuccessful, the seller may within three months of the sale, opt either for the resale on mad auction of the defaulting bidder, or the full resolution of the sale. In the event of a re-sale, the defaulting buyer must pay the difference between the price for which he had purchased and the price finally obtained at the re-sale. In all cases, the defaulting buyer may be liable for damages. Moreover, Guillaume Le Floc'h S.V.V. reserves the right to proceed with any compensation with the sums due to the defaulting contractor.

Absentee bids will be considered only confirmed in writing, accompanied by a photocopy of the bidder’s ID and a means of payment (signed cheque or deposit authorization) and received at least 24 hours before the start of the sale. The S.V.V. Guillaume Le Floc'h declines all responsibility in case of failure to execute an absentee bids.

The option to bid by telephone is provided that we have received at least 24 hours before the start of the sale a written confirmation with a photocopy of the bidder’s ID and a means of payment (signed cheque or deposit authorization). The S.V.V. Guillaume Le Floc'h declines all responsibility in case the communication could not have been established or in case of error relating to the reception of the auction by telephone. If the S.V.V. Guillaume Le Floc'h cannot reach the bidders by telephone, they then agree to automatically bid at the lowest estimate. 
Warning: Telephone conversations can be recorded during sales.

The export of certain items from France, whether to a Member State of the European Community or not, is subject to the issue of a certificate by the Ministry of Culture (Decree no. 2004-709 amending Decree 93-124) which it is the responsibility of the successful buyer to request. The fact that an export authorization is late or refused will not justify the cancel of the sale, or any delay in payment of the amount due.

The French State has a right of preemption of the works sold. The exercise of this right occurs immediately after the auction, the representative of the State then manifesting the will of the latter to replace the last bidder and having to confirm the pre-emption within 15 days.

- Application fee TTC per lot: 5 € / 10 € / 15 € / 20 € / 25 €, depending on the nature of the lot*
- From the 14th calendar day for objects kept in Saint-Cloud and to the 5th calendar day for lots kept in Drouot, TTC storage costs per calendar day per lot: 1 € / 5 € / 10 € / 15 € / 20 €, depending on the nature of the lot*

* Are regarded : 
Very small : jewellery, books, work of art on paper unframed smaller than A4. 
Small : paintings mesuring less than 1,5 x1,5 m, light and small sized lots. 
Medium : Paintings mesurins more than 1,5 m, small and heavy lots. 
Tall : tall and heavy lots. 
Large : large lots or multiple lots. 

The application fee is capped at 50 € TTC per withdrawal.