1969 Volkswagen 1300 Serial number 110 2246... - Lot 2 - Le Floc'h

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1969 Volkswagen 1300 Serial number 110 2246... - Lot 2 - Le Floc'h
1969 Volkswagen 1300 Serial number 110 2246 998 First hand 96,000 km original Interesting original condition There is no need to present the Volkswagen "Beetle"; it is the most produced car of all times. Its long career and its more than 21 million units have made this model an icon of automotive history; it is without doubt the most famous car in the world. Innovative, the "Cox" offered a monocoque body with 4 independent wheels, a rear engine with 4 flat cylinders and air cooling. Its descendants are very prestigious since it is at the origin of the Porsche brand. The VW 1300 presented has known only one owner, Dr. Jacques H. who had a medical analysis laboratory at his home in Fresnes in the south of Paris. He was a biologist and qualified in anatomical pathology. Perfectly bilingual in German, he regularly went to Germany. After having had a Volkswagen 1200 from 1964, it was at the end of 1969 that he changed his car for a more recent and more powerful model. It was also his last car. Born in 1934, Jacques H. was a licensed driver since 1953. He died at the end of 1996. The Volkswagen was kept by his sister Marie-Rose and remained parked in the same garage from the time it was delivered as a new car until the end of 2022, i.e. for 53 years, more than half of which time it was not driven or driven out. Dated December 11, 1969, the "red bar", official document of the manufacturer to proceed to the first registration is present in the file as well as the contract dated December 5, 1969 which insured the car under the provisional number 6049 WWT 75. Regularly maintained, this "Cox", a popular car par excellence, was in daily use in the hands of its sole owner between the end of 1969 and the end of 1996, covering a little more than 95,000 km according to the odometer, i.e. about 3500 km on average per year. The maintenance manual is present; it is indicated that at the end of 1972 the car had covered 30,000 km in three years. The oil changes with Shell X100 10/30 oil at 35,000, 40,000, 45,000 and 50,000 km are registered but not dated. The file shows that in May 1976, the car had a collision and that the right rear wing was repaired and repainted in Germany. The bodywork and interior are in a rare state of general preservation. The original upholstery does not show any particular defects, nor the paint or the sheet metal, except in a few places. The spare wheel is present. Stopped since 1996, it will of course be necessary to proceed to a general revision of the mechanics, brakes, tires, etc. before being able to fully enjoy this exceptional "first hand" in a very good state of preservation. Sold WITHOUT registration certificate (carte grise) or FIV (vehicle identification form). The administrative steps for the establishment of the new registration and the new vehicle registration card will be done by the buyer. *On this lot the fees are 14,28 % (fees 11,90 %, VAT on fees 2,38 %).
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